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Is My Skin Color A Problem?

Is my skin color a problem?
NO! You’re the problem!
Your mind is rotted; cover in a haze of misjudgment
You’re no better than me just because you’re a Chinese descendant
What’s wrong with sitting next to me?
You think ima take your purse and steal all your money?
OH, you must think ima thief, a delinquent of some sort
Lady, I’m just a black person, chubby and short
You seen one of those before, right?
I have no intentions of harming you or your family
I would really appreciate it if you didn’t patronize me.
My mother didn’t raise me to be no disobedient and inconsiderate fool
She taught me to do right by her and seek all my knowledge in school.
It’s funny how you’re perception of my people is all so wrong
Not every black person is criminalistics and sees a jail cell as a home
I am diligent, respectful and strong
Never will I ever go down to the level of a criminal
But I’ll just sit here and act like I’m not offended
I’ll just sit here and watch you disperse your ignorance
A king should not hear such nonsense
I’ll sit here on my throne and act like you irrelevant
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