Love from Students and Parents


Natalie helped my son get into college.

Natalie worked with my son on his college admission essay. She was recommended to me by a few other moms who said she was good at helping students get through the college admissions process without getting so stressed out. I was frustrated trying to get him to do it, and he was reluctant to start because he didn't know what to write about. Natalie took the time to explain to both of us that writing a college admissions essay is very difficult because students are not taught how to write these types of essays in school, so he felt better about getting started. She walked him through the entire process, and he was able to find the best interesting topic for him to write about by the end of the first session. He was much happier to complete his applications after he had worked with her. She was integral in helping our family get this process complete.
-W. Gladfelter

Natalie is the best tutor- so helpful!

I was really struggling with coming up with essay topics for my college essay. Since a college essay is so crucial in the application process, I decided to get help. I contacted Natalie (a close friend recommended her) and I am so glad I did! She helped me so much by showing mehow much an outline helps, as well as how to write to a specific audience, etc. She was really awesome in the way that she helped me to understand and to learn how to write in a more effective way. I will definitely recommend her to friends and might end up needing her help a few more times with my future English papers!
-E. Bell

My daughter passed all of her AP Exams because she worked with Natalie.

Natalie has worked with our daughter to help her study and pass all of her AP Exams. She has worked with her for AP World History, and now she's currently working with her on AP Psychology. She helps get the students interested in the material and then she has a great process for helping them remember it, so they know enough to pass the exam and do well in the class. These courses are very hard, and it's a lot of information for students to remember, so having a tutor like Natalie is really helpful. I highly recommend her.
-M. Posa

Love from Interns

Very Valuable Internship Experience!

I would highly encourage anyone who is looking to gain valuable internship experience to work with Natalie. My internship introduced me to many important aspects of business from social media marketing to performing research projects. Natalie is always available and willing to help her interns learn and succeed!
Thank you for everything,
-Kelly M.

Working with Natalie improved my communication skills.

This internship has been one of the most creatively fulfilling things that I've worked on in a long time. I'm used to mostly doing back-end work, so being able to work on the front end of a live website is a welcome change. At first I was intimidated by the sheer amount of customizations options in front of me, but as I near the end of my internship, I still feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of what WordPress offers. I appreciated the freedom that I had to design my own tasks and work on aspects of the website that interested me. But most of all, I appreciated the constant communication and collaboration across multiple platforms. I didn't even realize tools like Asana existed. Still, I think if anything, I definitely improved my communication skills, especially in terms of replying to requests in a timely manner. I look forward to carrying the skills I developed with this internship into future projects.
-B Hang

Experience (and Natalie) is the best teacher!

Throughout this Internship I taught myself more than I ever thought there was to know about social media marketing. I learned mostly from trial and error. For example, I learned that I could organically grow Instagram followers by simply following more popular pages. However this learning experience was not always easy for me. The first month of the internship I felt extremely lost. As a person who was already uncomfortable with computers I was asking for trouble when I chose a primarily online internship. I didn’t know how to use Asana, and I had no idea what a Google drive even was. Thankfully I have a few friends that were able to help me find and understand my Google drive. In the beginning I noticed that simple tasks were taking me a long time. I had difficulty navigating the new websites as well as the Interns shared Google drive. I was learning how to use all of the new apps and websites. I spent so much time on You Tube watching “How To” videos, I was basically learning to use my computer while also learning the tasks assigned to me. In the beginning I would call and text the other interns and ask them so many questions, eventually the phone calls stopped and I was able to complete tasks on my own. In early July, around six weeks into the internship I was finally feeling some clarity and the anxiety stopped. I knew how to swiftly navigate through Natalie’s files and the new websites. This experience forced me to budget my time well and also separate work from family and friends. I began creating a calendar with the time slots that I would be working on internship assignments, I am so thankful for my learning experience because I now feel confident behind a computer. Besides feeling more “tech savvy” I have learned valuable tools to social media marketing. I know how to create original content and how to analyze follower activity. I am thankful for this internship opportunity. This was the perfect “last class”. I feel that this Internship has provided me with learnings that I will take into my interviews and that will help me succeed in a professional environment.

Thank you for this experience!

-K. Berridge