The Mission

Welcome to WHIL! 
When I first came up with the idea for WHIL, one of my original tag lines was, “We F*cked Up, So You Don’t Have to.” I thought that might be a little too crude for some readers, so I saved it for the About Us page. However, I have to admit, this tagline perfectly encapsulates one of the missions of this website. 
Making mistakes and surviving failure is something we’ve all experienced. Even though it’s hard to understand in moments of dysfunction, these same failures and mistakes are often the very experiences that lead to your biggest success. In fact, it’s most often our F**k ups, not our successes that force us to discover who we truly are and how determined we are to take a risk, be bold, and commit to our goals. 
These moments are indeed some of the most important and most valuable experiences in our lives, and this is why we should share them. 
We should share them, so other people can relate because relating is what makes us human and it’s what keeps us sane in moments of fear and despair. 
We should share them because we can help others avoid pitfalls and find success faster and with less stress. 
We should share them because letting go of our mistakes and recognizing they are actually life’s little prizes help us heal. 
WHIL is a hub for real content that is always honest, always open, and always written by people who are growing, transforming, and willing to teach others through their own mistakes.
WHIL content is written with the best of intentions—to support people in their own personal and professional growth. 
It’s an online community for writers to find readers, for students to find teachers, and for professionals to find mentors. 
Simply stated, WHIL is the place for people to Learn. Grow. Succeed. 
Celebrate and Share Your F*** Ups, Friends.
I look forward to hearing about them, and I promise to share mine. 
To Your Success!
Natalie Susi