"Building the infrastructure to easily recruit, hire, and train interns will give you the opportunity to work with the innovators, the creators, and the change makers of our future all while creating a productive, and mutually beneficial experience that is low cost to you and high value to your company." 
-Natalie Susi 

Create an Internship Program at Your Company

Thank you for your interest in my internship program! 10 years ago, I started a company in the food and beverage industry called Bare Organic Mixers. I was in total startup mode, and I had to get creative about building a team that wasn’t going to drain all of my resources. I knew I had to create a system that would allow me to hire, onboard, train, and get some of my most critical work done in the most efficient and effective way without spending a lot of time managing people. 

Interns became the answer to all of my startup problems.

I began working with local schools to find the best and most professional interns, and then I started including virtual interns from all over the country to my team.

Each semester, I learned more tips, tools, and strategies for creating a valuable, productive, and mutually beneficial internship program.  After many years of tweaking the process, I have perfected a simple system for setting up a program that doesn’t require a lot of resources to organize, set up, and manage.

Last year, I managed 6 interns, (the biggest team to date), and I was able to take on twice as many clients and offer my team a robust professional experience where they had opportunities to learn, grow, and take ownership of projects they wouldn’t normally have access to until after graduation.

One of my favorite parts of being an entrepreneur is my intern program.  I love working with colleges students because they are eager to learn, interested in professional and personal development, and dedicated to creating a future for themselves that is full of purpose and passion.

And from a logistical and monetary perspective, they offer startups, sole proprietors, and service-based businesses the ability to create a quality team at the fraction of the cost.

In my program, you will learn how to find the best interns, how to set them up for success, and how to manage them in the most efficient and effective way, so everyone gains a mutually beneficial experience that fosters growth and innovation, and most importantly, moves your company forward in a positive direction without costing you a lot of time, money, or energy.


Here's what one of our favorite partners has to say about us: 

“It has been a great pleasure to partner with Natalie Susi over the last five years through our UC San Diego Extension Internship Program. Natalie consistently provides a high caliber, high quality and high touch internship experience for our Business Management students. She employs a sophisticated and highly effective system to optimize the internship for the student. She ensures the internship includes personal development mentoring, allowing an opportunity to impart her wisdom from her robust business and entrepreneurial background. My students consistently report it is a rich, rigorous and robust experience, preparing them for their next steps to advance their careers. She shares her system with other business professionals to help them leverage this opportunity to develop a strategic internship program to grow their businesses. I am honored to recommend Natalie!”

-Mindy Flanagan, Manager, Business Programs for International Students

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