We Only Regret the Chances We Didn’t Take (A Post Reality TV Follow Up…)

Written by natsusi
“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” —Anonymous
This day, a year ago, I ran into one of the most random opportunities that tested how well I live by this quote. I was opposed to being on a reality tv show for so many reasons. I was scared to be in front of the camera (thank God for sneaking alcohol on set). I was scared my East Coasters would think I had become some CA girl they didn’t know any more. I had no idea if the network would actually feature Bare, and perhaps the most terrifying— I had no control over how Bravo would portray me.
In the end, it all went perfectly. During the 3 short minutes I was on tv, I didn’t look like an idiot, Bare was featured on the show, and you were all more supportive than I could have ever imagined (thank you).
Most importantly, I can honestly say that taking risks, big or small, are always worth the emotional toll they inflict at the start. On the other side of fear, there is always a lesson, a person, or an opportunity that you’re supposed to meet and experience.
This actually started a domino effect that has lead to 2 other businesses (stay tuned for the details 😉 )
I had a few fun moments to reflect on those lessons today, and here’s what I came up with:
1. You should NEVER give yourself a pep talk in the bathroom mirror after you already have your mic on because everyone on set can hear what you’re saying to yourself (that was embarrassing).
2. Patti Stanger is the reason I know how to pose for a full length photo in LA.
3. There’s no shame in having a little alcohol hidden in your purse on set. And, don’t be stingy about sharing.
4. Women in LA are not dumb, plastic, biotches (like most people assume). We certainly had more fun with each other than we did with the “the millionaire bachelor.”
5. Life is so much more fun when I live in the moment and set my neurotic tendencies and my “need to know” mentality aside. (I should do this more often).
6. Do the thing you’re scared to do EVERY TIME (well, mostly—use good judgement).
7. JUST DO YOU. Set your ego aside and stop worrying about what people will think (this is a hard one).
8. I am blessed to have some incredible people in my life who support me regardless of how I show up on a tv show or anywhere else (you all know who you are).
9. If you’re a good person with good intentions, s*** usually works out in your favor.
10. Stop being a hypocrite, Natalie, and start implementing this “risk taking advice” in ALL areas of your life.
If you actually made it this far, you are a gem of a human being. Thank you for listening 🙂
xoxoxo, Natalie
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