Work with Me

What do I do? 

Build Your Team. Build Your Story. Build Your Strategy.
I help companies build their team, build their strategy, and build their story, so they can increase profits and brand awareness. While I have 10 years of experience wearing all of the business hats from manufacturing to marketing, I most enjoy working on the forward facing elements of building a company. The basic process of launching and building a business is the same regardless of the service, the industry, or the. First, assess the people, the product, the process, and the profits. Second, put a strategy and a team in place to execute and create massive change and growth.
Build Your Personal Brand.
While I love working with product-based companies, I have a special affinity for service providers and creatives who want to launch their personal brand, gain more clients or fans, and/or update their current brand and portfolio of services. I love empowering people to use their unique skills and talents to create a successful, lucrative career doing what they are most passionate about in this world.
I learned everything I know from creating, building, and selling my own business in the food and beverage industry. I learned most of my lessons the hard way, with no team, and on a shoestring budget. My mentors were my guiding lights, and my family and friends were my support system.
Most of the successes from my first company were born out of my biggest failures and my determination to keep moving forward after each obstacle until I found a better strategy with a brighter outcome.
Other instrumental life and business lessons came from mentors who generously shared their time, energy, and lessons from their own mistakes, or the road would have been much longer and much more arduous. I am grateful for every step I had to take to get here. Every entrepreneur’s road is long and hard, but there is a lot of growth, satisfaction, and reward along the way if you keep picking yourself back up and learning from every wrong turn.
One of the things that motivates me the most when I work with new business owners is helping them avoid my mistakes, so they can experience successful faster and with less money, time, and energy wasted.
How can we complete our goals in the most efficient and effective way?
How can we create a game plan that is super clear for everyone to follow and implement?
How can we communicate from the most authentic and genuine place to create a win/win situation for everyone involved?
These are the questions that guide me when creating my purpose, my processes, and my plans for any company or business owner that I work with. I am motivated from an authentic and genuine place to get the client goals accomplished in the most efficient effective way, so everyone leaves the table feeling positive, clear, and accomplished. I am very focused on getting the job done in the most efficient and effective way, and I intend to come from a genuine place of authenticity in every area of my life with every action I take.