The Pursuit of Happiness

“Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design.


Happiness Principle #1: Celebrate the journey, not the destination.  
Manifesting Mantra: I learn. I reflect.
Happiness Tools:
Pursuit of Happiness Discussion Points:
Pursuit of Happiness Questions to Consider:
Additional Growth Opportunities:


Reading Assignments:

Pursuing Happiness: A Bedford Spotlight Reader. Matthew Parfitt and Dawn Skorczewski. Bedford/St.Martin’s, 2016.
Horsfield, Gilbert, and Nussbaum
Critical Reading and Writing: A Bedford Spotlight Reader. Jeff Ousborne. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2014.


Writing Assignments:
1B. Summarize the definitions of happiness offered by Daniel Gilbert in “Paradise Glossed” and Jordan McKenzie in the interview with Stu Horsfield entitled “The Sociology of Happiness and Contentment: An Interview with Dr. Jordan McKenzie.” Select at least two passages from each text to support your summary of how they each define happiness. Which one do you think is a stronger definition and why? In what ways do these views intersect with—or diverge—from Lyubomirsky’s perspective? 2 pages.

1C. Summarize and analyze the definitions of happiness offered by Martha C. Nussbaum in “Who is the Happy Warrior? Philosophy Poses Questions to Psychology.” In your analysis, discuss what questions she might raise about not only the “Global Well-Being Ladder” published by the National Academy of Sciences (pages 158-159) but also the other writers in the Unit 1 conversation. Your peers will comment.  2 pages.


Writing Discussion Points:

Writing Process: Summarize + Analyze + Formalize
10A Writing Language: Line of Sight, Framing, Concessions, Counter Arguments